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Registration is now closed. If your partner has registered but you have not, please either bring cash or check on game day for those events.

        $15 for each event to cover expenses
        $15 (or more) for the American Red Cross donation (this is tax deductible)

Payments cover costs such as gym rental, insurance, prizes, shuttles & credit card fees. Any surplus after expenses goes to the Red Cross.

There is a $10 service charge for any refunds, so consider increasing your tax-deductible donation to the Red Cross instead of a refund!

If you decide to change the name of a partner, please email:

Click here to see Entries so far for each event (generally updated each night)

The teams or players beyond the cut-off point (16 slots for Senior events and 32 slots for Open events) will be on the waiting list. If a player/team does not show within 20 minutes of their start time on game day, they will be forfeited and players who are on the waiting list (if present) will take their place.
Note - you cannot play in both Open and Senior Mixed Doubles because they occur at the same time.

Starting Times for individual matches
About 2 days before the tournament, click on 2017 Results (it will be in the left column) to see the draws, which include the starting times.
Click on the tabs of interest (such as SXD for Senior Mixed Doubles). The spreadsheet may be placed in a download folder on your desktop, in which case you must open it with Excel.